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Online French Roulette

Online French Roulette. The world 'roulette' means 'a small wheel' in French. Blaise Pascal invented the original version of the game in the 17th century. The single zero Roulette was introduced in 1842 by Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blank. As gambling was illegal in France in the 19th century, the game was introduced in Hamburg, Germany where it became very popular and replaced an earlier version that featured higher odds. Later Francois and his son Camille were responsible for bringing the game of Roulette back to southern France for the Prince of Monaco, Charles III. In the 1800s the game of Roulette was introduced to the US public. The improvements were deleted, and a double "00" returned. The game became popular in the old west of America.

The types of bets that can be placed on the Roulette table are:
Straight Bet
This is a bet placed on any single number. Odds of 35:1 are paid on a winning bet.
Split Bet
Also known as a Two Number bet, this bet is place on any line that divides two adjacent numbers. It is a bet that either of those two numbers will come up. Odds of 17:1 are paid on a winning bet.
Street Bet
Also known as a Row bet, this bet is placed on the outside of a row of three numbers. It is a bet that one of these three numbers will come up. Odds of 11:1 are paid on a winning bet.
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To use the 'Supabets' (TM) system, choose red or black as your target in this session. If you choose to bet on red, you bet $X on the color red, and THE SAME AMOUNT on the second 'column'. If you bet black, bet $X on the color black and an equal amount on 'column 3'. Whatever color you chose, you are now covering 26 numbers out of a possible 38, for only 2 x $X. If your chosen color comes up, you get back even money - i.e. the spin didn't cost you anything. If you only win on your column selection, you will make half of what you bet in pure profit. If both the color and the column come up you will win 1.5 times your initial bet. Of course, in a real world casino, the pit staff will spot this pretty quick, and ask you to leave, because they aren't charities! Online, it's not a problem, and you can bet away to your hearts content. To summarise - bet equally on (a) red and the 2nd column or (b) black and the 3rd column. Make sure that you set a limit for the day beyond which you won't go, and stick to it. NEVER get tempted to 'double up' or try to recoup losses - remember that losses are your 'business expenses', and should be expected from time to time. When you get ahead, either take your money off the table, or raise your bets (because you are now effectively playing with someone elses money!). read more

The 5 Biggest Gambling Mistakes:
Most gamblers visit a casino in hopes of winning some money but ultimately you gamble for fun. Unfortunately people wholely on pure luck to win nearly always lose. If you want to win then make sure you follow these rules...
Mistake #1. Not setting a bank roll limit.
When you go and visit a casino only take a certain amount of money with you for gambling purposes, and leave all your plastic cards at home. When you spend your entire bank roll move on and find something else to do, don't bother getting emotionally involved with the games you're playing because it's the quickest way to spend much more money!
Mistake #2. Not knowing how to play.
When you choose a certain game to play at the casino, you should know well in advance exactly how the game works and how to play it scientifically so you win more money. Most players hit games they don't know, thus they lose more than they can gamble.
Personally speaking, if you truly want to super charge your results, then I highly recommend you uncover every tip and strategy for maximizing your odds
Mistake #3. Impairing your judgment.
The casino loves to fill their guests and customers with free booze of all types and kinds. Drinking impairs your judgement and gets you emotionally involved within the game thus losing feels worse, and most importantly you won't be able to play using scientifically proven strategies that shrink the odds of the casino winning. read more

Online French Roulette Casinos

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