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Online Patin A Roulette. As a gambler you know that when playing Roulette there is a certain period of time in which you can make bets. In between each spin of the wheel, the dealer normally gives all of the bettors about 60 seconds to place their bets. When the dealer spins the wheel, you still have a few seconds to place a bet. When the dealer raises his hands and says "no more bets", you must refrain from making a bet and wait until the next spin of the wheel. The number and the color of the pocket in which the ball has stopped will be marked on the table. He then removes all of the losing bets. After that, he will pay off the winning bets, and remove the marker from the table. Players are not allowed to touch their chips during this time, or else they could be removed from the casino. Above all else, just be courteous. Be respectful to other players and to the dealer (even if you lose). You can give the dealer a tip after every 10th spin. The last advice here is avoid drinking alchocol.

Myth 2. You Can Use Money Management to Gain an Edge Money management cannot affect the house advantage on any bet, nor guarantee that you will win more money. For money management to work, you need to increase your bet size when the odds are in your favour, and decrease bet size when they are not. The problem is course; the odds and payouts are set in the casino's favour, and never change, and roulette is a game of pure chance. The house always has an advantage in roulette due to the amount paid out per bet; you cannot change it, or manage it. Cheating At Roulette Is Not Possible but the Good News Is: You can get the odds as much in your favour as possible with some simple steps: 1. Play European Roulette read more

Why do so many people lose? Because they do not know what they are doing. They have not become experts in their field. Would you take thousands of dollars and invest them in a stock or business without knowing anything about it? Logically, no one would be that silly. But thousands of dollars are bet every minute by people who do not know the proper odds or who have been given a hot tip, or who know someone who is hot and on a winning streak, so they bet with that person. We all know someone who has placed a wager or has gone to a big commercial casino saying that "I will lose only X number of dollars. I can afford to lose this much without hurting my financial situation." What is wrong with thi.s train of thought and with these otherwise very intelligent people? ATTITUDE! Your mind frame help you to be a winner or cause you to be a certain loser. Millions of people have gone to Las Vegas thinking before they go that they can afford to lose a set amount of money. This thought process is contagious and occurs with millions of people. Their first thought about the trip was that they were going to lose. Where would these people be today in their personal lives or jobs if they assumed that they were going to fail? Why did they make 'losing' an assumption in the first place? The reasons are numerous but the most common yo*u know all the different games of chance but you do not really understand them, so you do not expect to win. Only the 'lucky' people win and you have never been known as a lucky person. People always lose, after all, casinos do not survive by everyone winning. These thought are the most common perceptions that people have about gambling. Nearly everybody assumes that he or she is going to lose. Therefore, nearly all the people lose. If you expect to win, you are amongst the minority of gamblers. Attitude alone will not make you a winner. Your first step is to assume tha.t you can win. Now comes the hard part and the part that most people will not do. You must learn about the games you are going to play. You must learn what the chances of success or failure are at each game, and plan and play according to w.hat you have learned. This is no.t only a reasonable thing to do but a necessary thing to do. People lose because they don't know how to win. Winning at gambling is a tough business. If it was not, then we would all be professional gamblers. Professional gamblers all have one thing in common. These people make a comfortable living doing nothing but gambling. Whatever the game that they gamble at, they are experts. They have taken the time to learn and practice every facet of their particular game. They know all the odds and probabilities as well as all the rules of the game and of the gaming house in which they are playing. And most of them bet only on the one game of chance in which they are experts. read more

European Roulette Wheel: The European Roulette Wheel contains 37 numbers including 0 and 1 to 36. Having one zero (0) gives the house a 2.70% advantage. In other words, for every $100 a gambler bets, the house will make $2.70 in profit. Other differences between the two Roulette Games: One major difference pertains to the color of the gambling chips. While American casinos will give the players different colored chips which will allow the players to differentiate their chips/bets from other players, the European casinos will give the players the same coloured chips. Thus unlike the players at American casinos, gamblers at European casinos need to rely on memory to distinguish their chips/bets from those of other players. Another difference between the two games includes the fact that in European casinos, croupiers use a long stick known as the Rake to sweep in all chips, while the American casino dealers will use their hands and arms to sweep the chips off the table. The last major difference between the two types of Roulette games is that if the ball lands on the zero (0) in a European casino, then the gambler is offered the option of utilising the en prison rule, whereby he may choose to either surrender one half of his/her outside wagers or to leave them for the next game. After purchasing the chips from the dealer, the player places them on the desired positions on the table in an attempt to predict where the ball will land after the wheel is spun and the ball comes to a stop. Once the chips are placed on the table and the bets are made, the dealer spins the Roulette wheel while spinning the ball in the opposite direction inside the Roulette wheel. Players are allowed to continue placng their bets during the spin until the dealer says "No more bets". When the wheel slows down and the ball drops into one of the numbered slots, the dealer places a marker on the winning number on the Roulette table. The players who bet on the winning number or color are rewarded while the players who bet on the losing number(s) lose their chips to the casino. Today, Roulette continues to be one of the most popular classic casino games, especially in Europe. This is due to the fact that European Roulette has only one zero and as a result offers a more appealing house edge. read more

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