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To Win Roulette Information

You've been disappointed before by other systems that promise the world, but their systems are nothing like what is claimed. So how can you know for sure if my system which is just launched is any different? Well the truth is you'll never know for sure unless you use my system for yourself. But the best way to know BEFORE you actually purchase is to read everything in detail in my website and download a few chapters of the ebook. So WHY does my system win, while others lose? Most systems lose essentially because they neglect what roulette is really about -- a little ball and a wheel. Losing systems are usually based on combination bets and irrelevant patterns that cannot be used to formulate a winning system. For example, a common pattern that many systems are based on is the law of a third. This law states that after 37 spins, 1/3 of the spins will be repeats. But this is simple statistics -- of course some numbers are likely to be repeats! But this still doesn't tell us WHICH numbers will be repeats with enough accuracy to even slightly increase your edge. And if you don't beat the house edge, you'll definitely lose in the long term. This is conventional way of predicting the outcome. read more

Roulette etiquette
Your bet must be placed before the spinner or croupier, calls out "No more bets."
Never touch or even attempt to touch your chips after the croupier stops betting
When the croupier calls 'no more bets' you cannot change your bet.
There are other rules in roulette, but these are the basic. Learn them and you can start to play. read more

All professionals will tell you that to become successful in games of chance, you must learn, have, and practice the four following ingredients: A sufficient bankroll Money management Knowledge of the game or games that you wish to play Discipline The above mentioned four ingredients are a must. Without them, a professional gambler does not stay a gambler for very long. There are other secrets, such as learning session play, and pacing yourself so that you do not fatigue out, both physically and mentally. The amateur gambler's most notorious downfall is greed. Next comes stupidity. The professional gambler has eliminated greed from his game and replaced it with the above items, and he has eliminated stupidity by learning the rules, odds, etc. Your chances of success are best wh.en you know what you are up against. What bets will you the best chance of winning, what bets to avoid because the house advantage is too big. Give the house as small an advantage as possible. Learn where the house has little or no advantage and use it. Learn about systems and use that knowledge to your advantage. (There is no known system that can overcome the house advantage except in one game - Blackjack). A good systematic approach can keep you out of traps and protect your play against emotions of the moment; they can limit your risk taking, and they can get you out while you are still ahead. read more

To Win Roulette Casinos

$150 Free Deposit Bonus! Table Limits: US$ Baccarat (200/5), Multi Hand Blackjack (200/2) per hand up to 5 hands), Craps (500/1), Caribbean Stud Poker (200/1, ante)up to 5 hands ($1 jackpot), European Wheel Roulette (2,000+/1), Keno (10/1), Let It Ride Poker (200/1), Slots (225/0.25), Royal Vegas (3 Games) (150/1.50), Tri Card Poker (400/1), Video Poker (100/0.25), War (200/1)


$150 Free Sign Up Bonus! At Classic Casino, we use the latest available software to make sure you enjoy the most sophisticated gambling experience on the internet. The free software offers an impressive 80 PLUS casino games, including 13 PROGRESSIVES. We're confident there is something in the mix that will appeal to your senses. Go on and have a look ...


100% Match Bonus! Lucky Emperor Casino is part of Belle Rock Gaming - a super-group of online gaming brands, comprising seven Online Casinos, and three Online Poker Rooms. Belle Rock Gaming was created in 2004 by the Carmen Media Group when they linked together The Gaming Club Group (consisting of Lucky Emperor Casino and Poker Room, Jackpot City, Showdown and Lucky Emperor Casino) and the River Belle Online Casino and Poker Room, Aces High and Lucky Emperor Casino and Poker Room. This makes Belle Rock Gaming one of the most experienced gaming operators in the world, with over 10 years expertise in bringing clients the biggest, best and latest games and promotions around.


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